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Anti-fingerprint vacuum coaters

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Pros: PVD metallizer, vacuum coater, PVD deposition
Cons: PVD metallizer, vacuum coater, PVD deposition
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Anti-fingerprint vacuum coaters

Our company takes technical innovation to update the design of our MF sputtering deposition, coupled with CVD and thermal evaporation technology into a comprehensive deposition. Thus, it greatly improved the sputtering quality with characteristics of good adhesion, hardness, with functions of anti-impurity, anti-friction, anti-aging, anti-solution of film deposited. So the coated substrates are able to pass the quality tests, such as solution soaking and water boiling. This kind of model machines can deposit AR, AF or AS films in the same batch for mass production, appropriate to the decorative coating on metal and glass substrates. By this kind of model machines the anti-fingerprint deposition can be realized by our innovative method.

This kind of MF sputtering machines has features of large-quantity substrate loading with advantages of high efficiency, simple process, convenient manipulation and high uniformity, widely applicable for in the production fields of mobile, golf, digital camera, computer and other electric apparatus.

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