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It's put up or shut up

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Pros: Hopefully, there will be a lot of support, energy and a win
Cons: It sucks that the Bulls are in this situation

You've heard all the sports cliches ... their backs are up against the wall, go strong or go home, etc. Tonight, the Chicago Bulls have a must win situation against the Philadelphia 76er's. It is not uncommon for a team to win 3 in a row. However, it must start with one win. Do you think the Bulls have what it takes to eeek out a win tonight?
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Total Comments : 4
By: tonyplacido | 5 years, 8 months, 1 day, 12 hours, 59 minutes ago
Well, the Bulls had a good run. Hopefully, with some rest and rehab next year they will be healthier, stronger and better.
By: tonyplacido | 5 years, 8 months, 8 days, 9 hours, 34 minutes ago
It all starts with the one win.
By: Australis | 5 years, 8 months, 8 days, 9 hours, 54 minutes ago
HIGHLY unlikely....
By: RR | 5 years, 8 months, 8 days, 11 hours, 40 minutes ago
I would like to se them win tonight, but it is very unlikely!